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San Franciscan Mother Behind The End Of Newgrounds

2009-09-11 05:45:13 by nbh-old-movies

As most of you already know Egoraptor was hacked last Sunday by Duck Division members; Crebz, Splickz and Fatum. I was online during the hacking and was able to witness the horrid acts that took place.

Chris Beer (crebz), the leader of the Duck Division, used Egoraptors Moderator permissions to completely empty the Art Portal and place exceedingly pornographic images of men on the Newgrounds front page.

A mother from San Francisco is now suing Tom Fulp and the rest of the Newgrounds Staff for allowing these images on the front page of a public site here thirteen year old son browses almost daily.

I for one find this completely ridiculous.

It isn'tat all the Newgrounds Staff's fault. The Duck Division should be the ones paying compensation to the plaintiff. Even Egoraptor is more responsible than the Newgrounds Staff.

Action needs to be taken.

Here is a video depicted the lighter side of these recent events;

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Here is an actual screenshot of what was placed on the front page;

San Franciscan Mother Behind The End Of Newgrounds


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2009-09-11 05:58:16

i agree

nor egoraptor or the entire newgrounds staff would ever do such a thing
and like that 13 year old kid does'nt see anything on school or at friends places
it's not like he's 7
i think the duck division should pay dearly for this

maybe tom could sue them instead???


2009-09-11 06:06:39

hahahahaha great video.


2009-09-11 06:35:28

Amazing Video. My thoughts are with you newgrounds and I hope you pulln through this horrible event :'(


2009-09-11 06:45:31

att this point im gona agree whit hitler (wow... newer tought i would say that)

i to saw it take place...

does Duck Division still controll Egoraptor's account?

die Duck Division...DIE!


2009-09-11 06:47:07

This re-sub.

I love it.


2009-09-11 07:15:46

Yes, but the mom doesn't know that the Fuck Division actually did it. Tom Fulp has no proof that they were the one's who did it. He probably wasn't even there to witness the hacking. So for now, that son of a bitch mother, who cant let his kid learn the facts of life, believes that it's the staff's fault. (I wonder if this'll be on the news)


2009-09-11 07:30:57

very well made awesome video


2009-09-11 07:32:59

I'm sorry, that's hilarious or at least it is till the part where Tom Fulp gets his ass kicked by the law.


2009-09-11 07:39:27

... wow. I missed that, but just because all the members of the DD are gay, doesn't mean they have to push it on us.


2009-09-11 07:45:31

Indeed, spamming the portal was one thing but hacking a moderator and filling the site with gay shit like that is another. I doubt that the mother would succeed since it wasn't their fault. Also, thanks for using my video.


2009-09-11 07:58:28

Only just saw that Creb left a comment on my post. Son of a... I banned him and delete his comment.


2009-09-11 09:02:57

Ya know i keep hearing shit about this lawsuit from people and i find it hard to believe without any evidence. I mean if they are gonna bring a lawsuit to newgrounds all other sites that have any pornographic images on their main pages are gonna have to get sued as well so i find this a bullshit claim.


2009-09-11 09:12:11

This is why we can't have nice things.


2009-09-11 09:37:18

You'll see, newgrounds can't be shutted down for such a thing. If it can be, every porn site, o site with pornoghraphic suff should be closed. Don't worry man, newgrounds will stay open. ^^


2009-09-11 10:00:41

Ya it ain't egoraptors fault, but seriously can't she listen to reason? Damn let's overreact to something that could happen to any of us.

The video though fit the mood perfectly.


2009-09-11 11:30:37

Hitler is right, those jerks need to be banned and sued for damages.

Maybe even try to get them legally forbidden from using the internet. Now THAT would be pretty sweet.

As for this mother, she should have the situation explained to her. If she understands, pat her on the back for being somewhat intelligent. If not, bitch slap her. Cause we are talking about the American Judicial system here, one pissed off mom can get pretty much anything she god damn wants, I doubt any judge from San Fransisco will even understand what actually happened and just give in to the nagging hag.


2009-09-11 13:34:06

There sure isn't any type of source in this blog to prove that Tom is being sued.


2009-09-11 15:47:38

Ha ha! That video was awesome!


2009-09-11 16:19:48

why arent their accounts deleted yet?


2009-09-11 16:26:50

Can't they IP track them somehow? Then beat the crap out of them :P


2009-09-11 16:34:44

yeah ng is not responsible for that, that mom should get it right and the guys should find a way to beat those arseholes legally ^^


2009-09-11 16:40:50

but also i think if tom, ego or some other crew member would give a comment about this, things will get lot more clear huh? ^^


2009-09-11 16:52:05

I have a feeling that this isn't the only case. I also notice some strange occurrences in my account too almost a month ago. I receive PM messages of the staff debilitating me of scouting privileges for scouting crappy art when I had only scouted one person. I was upset about that, but I think I'd prefer to have my art scouting privileges.

Things happen here that really pisses alot of people off and for seeing what happened to Egoraptor shows some serious concerns for Newground members, me especially.


2009-09-11 16:56:45

I agree NG staff shouldn't suffer consequences it's the the duck division who should suffer. The sueing mother doesn't know anything what's going on and they call themselves parents. Sometime's parent are really annoying and doesn't know anything they think they do, but they don't why don't they give up already.


2009-09-11 18:10:31

It's a shame that those bunch of screwed up little basterds decided to ruin it for the rest of us.

But seriously, the mother shouldn't be all american-suing-culture-now-against-th e-net people. If anything just stop her bloody son from going on it!

Besides, what could she possible achieve out of Newgrounds? A signed Egoraptor shirt maybe?


2009-09-11 19:11:36

:D Lol.

:D DD, always funny.


2009-09-11 19:32:58

My god, I thought this was a joke when someone else posted it on their blog..........this is real, isn't it? o_O

Forget suing the Duck Division; ban 'em, then beat 'em senseless.


2009-09-11 22:34:26

Well, at least Hitler has something the hole world can agee on....


2009-09-11 23:07:48

I realized something. Kitty Kat Krew, and the Duck Division. A little similar in a way.